About Us

Smaller in size but big in heart. Stablish Foundation was formed in 1995, to help you meet your planned philanthropic goals. Our Mission Statement is to improve the community by making planned individual giving accessible through the financial planning process, no matter your net worth.

Stablish Foundation’s smaller size provides you with a more family-oriented approach to help you meet your specific charitable giving objectives. Each account and donation is handled individually, with the appropriate time and attention given to make certain your gift is at work for you and that it will have a lasting impact on the community development program of your choice now and in the future.

Stablish Foundation is a public charity, committed to working with individuals, families, and businesses in making charitable gifts and bequests to help benefit their local community. The earnings from donations are used to make grants to 501(c)(3) qualified charitable agencies and institutions selected by the donor or in a case where a donor is not available, by Stablish Foundation.

If you do not have a specific philanthropic program in mind, our expert staff will help make that determination with you. We also work with your financial advisors to determine the appropriate investment strategy for your donation. If you do not have a financial advisor, Stablish Foundation can provide some recommendations.

What makes Stablish Foundation Different

  • While most community foundations commingle funds, Stablish Foundation was the first in Minnesota to diversify and maintain separate accounts for each Donor Advisor Fund and Charitiable Remainder Unitrust.
  • We work with Financial Advisors that the Donor Advisors recommend.
  • While Stablish Foundation has an overall investment policy statement, the foundation is agreeable to most investment strategies as long as all parties are in agreement.
  • We are client-focused and will work with you to meet your own philanthropic goals.
  • We feel it is our duty to be your voice for your philantropic passions and carry on your legacy with the charities you have selected at your death.
  • We are independently audited annually.

Gifts Tailored to Meet your Goals

As a Stablish Foundation donor, you can tailor your gifts and bequests to meet your specific philanthropic goals and objectives.

The charitable purposes to which your donation could be directed are numerous. When determining your donations, careful consideration is given to your interests and individual planned giving goals.


Benefits of Giving

As a Stablish Foundation donor, one of the most important benefits is the personal satisfaction of knowing your gift is at work helping the community grow and flourish. Your donations will have a lasting impact on those benefiting from them. In addition, foundation donors sometimes enjoy:

  • Increased cash flow
  • Minimized probate costs
  • A more simplified estate plan
  • Ease of tax burden
    • One gift to Stablish Foundation can be used by the donor to provide support for a wide range of charitable organizations
  • Professionally managed contributions
    • High caliber professional investment management provides for greater growth and lower costs, which allows larger charitable distributions
  • No additional reporting or paperwork
  • Perpetuity
    • Through a permanent endowment fund, the charitable intent of the donor can be perpetuated for future generations
  • Flexibility
    • Funds established at the Foundation offer permanence that is also flexible. Donors can recommend distributions from their Donor Advised Funds to support their personal charitable interest, which may change from year to year
  • Accountability
    • As a community foundation, Stablish Foundation is dedicated to serving the public interest. An independent audit is conducted annually and available upon request