Making Donations From Your DAF

Donor Advised Funds allow donors or others designated by the donors to make recommendations to the Foundation regarding proposed charitable grants from their funds. Many donors choose this type of fund to support their alma maters, churches and other favorite charities. Gifts can be made immediately, during your lifetime, or for man years following your death.

Field of Interest Funds support broad areas of charitable interest designated by the donor at the time the gift is made, such as the arts, environment or human services. The Foundation makes grants from the fund to support the most appropriate projects and organizations within these areas of interest.

Designated Funds support specific charitable organizations named by the donor at the time the gift is made.

Scholarship Funds offer donors an opportunity to assist students in their educational endeavors.

Legacy Funds support the charitable organizations named by the donor for a specified number of years following the donor's death. The Foundation distributes a percentage of the fund to the named charities each year. This method, in addition to creating a legacy for the donor, is often more beneficial for the charities than being compelled to spend the entire gift immediately.