Funding your DAF or CRT

Stablish Foundation donors can also choose the type of gift that best meets their specific philanthropic goals. These types of gifts include:

Monetary Donation: Cash donations to a Donor Advisor Fund (DAF) are fully deductible on your tax return in the year of receipt by Stablish Foundation.

Appreciated Stock: Gifts of stock that has appreciated in value are an excellent way to provide a charitable gift. Donors can deduct the current full fair market value of long-term appreciated securities and the capital gains tax liability is forgiven. And, since Stablish Foundation is a non-profit organization, the capital gains will be waived upon sale of the asset.

Qualified Plan or IRA Distribution: A Qualified Plan or IRA distribution is another attractive way to make a donation. This type of donation works particularly well for those who will be beneficiaries of a large pension plan. This technique must be set up prior to the death of the plan owner to accomplish maximum income and estate tax savings.

Real Estate: Some people consider leaving a personal residence or farm as a charitable gift in their will. However, with the use of a retained life estate, donors can deed their property to Stablish Foundation and still retain the right to live there for as long as they wish. At the time the gift is made, the donor receives a tax deduction based on the ages of the designated beneficiaries and the value of the house and land. It remains the donor’s responsibility to maintain the property and pay property taxes.

Life Insurance: Life insurance is a good way to create a legacy for yourself. By making Stablish Foundation the owner of the policy, all the premiums you pay for the insurance policy are tax deductible to you. When you die, the charity or charities of your choice will receive the death benefit.